Columbia University Graduate Engineering Distance Learning

Certifications of Professional Achievement

The following graduate certification programs offered via CVN are designed to give students fundamental knowledge and skills within a particular field of study. Each certification program consists of four courses taken as a non-degree student. Upon completion of the program, students receive the Certification of Professional Achievement from Columbia University.

Students seeking entrance into a certification program must possess an undergraduate degree in engineering, science, mathematics, computer science or other related field from an accredited academic institution. Applicants must complete an application form and provide official academic transcripts from previously attended colleges and universities.

Columbia offers the following Certification of Professional Achievement programs:

In order to apply for acceptance into the Certification Programs, please visit the
Certification Application and Instructions Page

Candidates for the Certification of Professional Achievement Program must complete the program of study as defined by the appropriate department. Program requirements for completion of these Certification Programs are listed below:

- 4 Graduate-level classes all earned through CVN, as a non-degree student.
- Minimum of 12 credit points
- Minimum GPA of 3.0
- Completion of program within two (2) calendar years.

Credits earned to fulfill the requirements of a Certification Program may be applied toward an MS or PD degree in the same field of study, subject to the approval of an academic advisor. However, students must apply for admission to the University and meet all admissions requirements. Entry into and completion of a Certification Program does not ensure acceptance into an MS or PD program.