Columbia University Graduate Engineering Distance Learning

Spring 2015 Course Listings

Course Name      Course Number      Professor      Days
Applied Mathematics/Applied Physics
 Introduction to Numerical Methods APMA E4300 Letourneau Monday
 Analytic Methods for Partial Differential Equations APMA E6301 Bal Monday
 Laser Physics  APPH E4112 Yu Tuesday, Thursday
 Physics of Fluids APPH E4200 Mauel Pre-Taped
 Plasma Physics II APPH E6102 Cole Monday, Wednesday
Biomedical Engineering
 Quantitative Physiology II BMEN E4002 Morrison Monday, Wednesday
 Ethics For Biomedicl Engineers  BMEN E4010 Loike Wednesday
 Thermodynamics Of Biol Systems  BMEN E4210 Sia Monday, Wednesday
 Solid Biomechanics BMEN E4300 Guo Thursday
 Prin Of Ultrasound In Medicine  BMEN E4410 Konofagou Tuesday
 Computational Genomics CBMF W4761 Peer Monday, Wednesday
Civil Engineering
 Managing Engineering & Construction Processes CIEN E4129 Odeh Pre-Taped
 Principles of Construction Techniques CIEN E4131 Odeh Pre-Taped
 Advanced Design of Steel Structures CIEN E4226 Woelke Monday
 Multiscale Computational Science and Engineering ENME E4363 Fish Thursday
Chemical Engineering
 Artificial Organs BMCH E4810 Leonard Friday
 Statistical Mechanics  CHAP E4120 OShaughnessy Pre-Taped
 Math Methods in Chemical Engineering CHEN E4010 Hill Monday, Wednesday
 Transport Phenomena III CHEN E4110 Durning Tuesday, Thursday
 Topics in Soft Materials CHEN E4630 Durning Monday, Wednesday
 Polymer Surfaces & Interfaces  CHEN E4640 Koberstein Wednesday
Computer Science
 Computational Genomics CBMF W4761 Peer Monday, Wednesday
 Advanced Database Systems COMS E6111 Gravano Tuesday
 Prog Environment - Software Tools COMS E6123 Kaiser Tuesday
 Cellular Networks and Mobile Computing COMS E6998‑7 Li Pre-Taped
 Database Systems Implementation COMS W4112 Ross Monday, Wednesday
 Intro To Quantum Computing  COMS W4281 Papageorgiou Tuesday, Thursday
 Natural Language Processing COMS W4705 Radev Tuesday, Thursday
 Visual Interfaces to Computers COMS W4735 Kender Tuesday, Thursday
 Computer Networks CSEE W4119 Chaintreau Monday, Wednesday
 Computer Architecture CSEE W4824 Sethumadhavan Monday, Wednesday
 Special Topics: Advanced Big Data Analytics EECS E6895 Lin Thursday
Earth and Environmental Engineering
 Air Pollution Prevention and Control EAEE E4150 Fthenakis Tuesday
 Photovoltaic Systems Engineering and Sustainability EAEE E4190 Fthenakis Pre-Taped
Electrical Engineering
 Special Topics: Advanced Big Data Analytics EECS E6895 Lin Thursday
 Digital Control Systems EEME E4601 Longman Monday
 Communication Circuits ELEN E4314 Vallancourt Wednesday
 Power Systems Analysis ELEN E4511 Lavaei Monday
 Wireless Communications ELEN E4703 Kostic Friday
 Systems Biology: Design Principles for Biological Circuits ELEN E6010 Jelenkovic Tuesday
 Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits ELEN E6312 Krishnaswamy Tuesday, Thursday
 Information Theory ELEN E6717 Wang Friday
Mechanical Engineering
 Digital Control Systems EEME E4601 Longman Monday
 Energy Dynamics of Green Buildings MECE E4314 Naraghi Wednesday
 Geometrical Modeling MECE E4501 Rajan Tuesday
 Computer Aided Manufacturing MECE E4609 Walker Wednesday
 Advanced Machine Dynamics MECE E6400 Chbat Thursday
 Intro-theory Of Elasticity  MECE E6423 Kysar Pre-Taped
 Small Scale Mechanical Behavior MEEM E6432 Kysar Pre-Taped
Materials Science Engineering
 Nanotechnology MSAE E4090 Wind Monday, Wednesday
 Mechanical Behavior of Structural Materials MSAE E4215 Bailey Monday, Wednesday
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
 Design Management of Production and Service Systems IEOR E4001 Riccio Monday, Wednesday
 Introduction to Operations Research: Deterministic Models IEOR E4004 Goyal Monday, Wednesday
 Intro to Operations Research: Stochastic Models IEOR E4106 Sigman Pre-Taped
 Production Scheduling IEOR E4405 Sethuraman Tuesday, Thursday
 Project Management IEOR E4510 Rosenwein Monday
 Systems Engineering Tools and Methods IEOR E4521 Jahangir Wednesday
 Quantitative Risk Management IEOR E4602 Haugh Monday, Wednesday
 Monte Carlo Simulation IEOR E4703 Leung Tuesday, Thursday
 Financial Engineering II  IEOR E4707 Capponi Monday, Wednesday
 Managing Tech Innovation & Entrepreneurship IEOR E4998 Neumann Friday
 Introduction to Probability and Statistics SIEO W4150 Gallego Pre-Taped