Columbia University Graduate Engineering Distance Learning

Fall 2014 Course Listings

Course Name      Course Number      Professor      Days
Applied Mathematics/Applied Physics
 Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamical Systems APMA E4101 Weinstein Monday, Wednesday
 Partial Differential Equations APMA E4200 Spiegelman Monday
 Functions of a Complex Variable APMA E4204 Letourneau Monday
 Modern Optics APPH E4110 Yu Tuesday, Thursday
 Physics of Fluids APPH E4200 Mauel Tuesday, Thursday
Biomedical Engineering
 Quantitative Physiology I: Cells and Molecules BMEN E4001 Kam Monday, Wednesday
 Tissue Engineering I BMEN E4501 Hess Monday, Wednesday
 Computational Modeling of Physiological Systems BMEN E6003 Morrison Monday
Civil Engineering
 Uncertainty and Risk in Infrastructure Systems CIEN E4111 Smyth Tuesday
 Managing Engineering & Construction Processes CIEN E4129 Odeh Wednesday
 Principles of Construction Techniques CIEN E4131 Odeh Pre-Taped
Chemical Engineering
 Introduction to Polymers and Soft Materials CHEN E4620 Durning Tuesday, Thursday
 Biochemical Engineering CHEN E4660 Leonard Tuesday, Thursday
 Protein Engineering CHEN E4800 Banta Monday, Wednesday
Computer Science
 Topics In CS: Software Defined Networking COMS E6998 Li Monday
 Introduction To Databases COMS W4111 Biliris Tuesday
 Programming Languages and Translators COMS W4115 Edwards Monday, Wednesday
 Advanced Software Engineering COMS W4156 Kaiser Tuesday, Thursday
 Security Architecture and Engineering COMS W4187 Bellovin Monday, Wednesday
 Introduction to Computational Learning Theory COMS W4252 Servedio Monday, Wednesday
 Introduction to Cryptography COMS W4261 Malkin Tuesday, Thursday
 Computer Networks CSEE W4119 Misra Tuesday, Thursday
 Big Data Analytics EECS E6893 Lin Thursday
Earth and Environmental Engineering
 Photovoltaic Systems Engineering and Sustainability EAEE E4190 Fthenakis Monday
Electrical Engineering
 Big Data Analytics EECS E6893 Lin Thursday
 Introduction to Control Theory EEME E6601 Longman Wednesday
 Analog Electronic Circuits ELEN E4312 Dickson Tuesday
 Optical Systems ELEN E4488 Hendon Thursday
 Digital Signal Processing ELEN E4810 Wright Monday, Wednesday
 Principles of Device Microfabrication ELEN E4944 Laibowitz Monday
 Topic Next Gen Networks  ELEN E6770 Sabnani Thursday
Mechanical Engineering
 Introduction to Control Theory EEME E6601 Longman Wednesday
 Finite Element Analysis I ENME E4332 Waisman Pre-Taped
 Nonlinear Computational Mechanics ENME E6364 Fish Thursday
 Elasticity II MECE E6423 Kysar Pre-Taped
 Small Scale Mechanical Behavior MEEM E6432 Kysar Pre-Taped
Materials Science Engineering
 Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Solids MSAE E4206 Bailey Tuesday, Thursday
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
 Manufacturing Enterprise IEME E4310 Weinig Wednesday
 Production Management IEOR E4000 Gallego Tuesday, Thursday
 Introduction to Operations Research: Deterministic Models IEOR E4004 Strickland Monday, Wednesday
 Optimization Models and Methods IEOR E4007 Iyengar Monday, Wednesday
 Simulation IEOR E4404 Zhong Monday, Wednesday
 Applied Systems Engineering IEOR E4520 Jahangir Thursday
 Entrepreneurial Business Creation for Engineers IEOR E4550 Gulley Monday
 Pricing Models for Financial Engineering IEOR E4620 Derosa Monday
 Foundations of Financial Engineering IEOR E4706 Leung Tuesday, Thursday
 Introduction to Probability and Statistics SIEO W4150 Sigman Tuesday, Thursday