Columbia University Graduate Engineering Distance Learning

Summer 2015 Course Listings

Course Name      Course Number      Professor     
Applied Mathematics/Applied Physics
 Principles of Applied Mathematics APMA E4001 Gentine
 Applied Functional Analysis APMA E4150 Bal
 Physics of Solar Energy APPH E4130 Chen
Civil Engineering
 Earthquake & Wind Engineering CIEN E4100 Ashrafi
 Design of Construction Systems CIEN E4130 Tirolo
 Principles of Construction Techniques CIEN E4131 Odeh
Chemical Engineering
 Applied Surface and Colloid Chemistry CHEE E6252 Somasundaran
 Introduction to Polymers and Soft Materials CHEN E4620 Durning
Computer Science
 Analysis of Algorithms, II COMS E6232 Yannakakis
 Cellular Networks and Mobile Computing COMS E6998‑7 Li
 Programming Languages and Translators COMS W4115 Edwards
 Operating Systems COMS W4118 Yang
 Advanced Software Engineering COMS W4156 Kaiser
 Network Security COMS W4180 Keromytis
 Introduction to Computational Complexity COMS W4236 Yannakakis
 Computer Networks CSEE W4119 Zussman
Earth and Environmental Engineering
 Introduction to Aquatic Chemistry EAEE E4003 Duby
 Photovoltaic Systems Engineering and Sustainability EAEE E4190 Fthenakis
 Production of Inorganic Materials EAEE E4200 Duby
 Catalysis for Emissions Control EAEE E4550 Farrauto
Electrical Engineering
 Computer Networks CSEE W4119 Zussman
 Introduction to Control Theory EEME E6601 Longman
 Introduction to Semiconductor Devices ELEN E4301 Laibowitz
 Digital Signal Processing ELEN E4810 Ellis
Mechanical Engineering
 Introduction to Control Theory EEME E6601 Longman
 Energy Dynamics of Green Buildings MECE E4314 Naraghi
 Geometrical Modeling MECE E4501 Rajan
 Elasticity II MECE E6423 Kysar
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
 Production Management IEOR E4000 Riccio
 Introduction to Operations Research: Deterministic Models IEOR E4004 Sethuraman
 Simulation IEOR E4404 Sigman
 Applied Systems Engineering IEOR E4520 Jahangir
 Systems Engineering Tools and Methods IEOR E4521 Jahangir
 Stochastic Models for Financial Engineering IEOR E4701 Sigman
 Monte Carlo Simulation IEOR E4703 Leung
 Foundations of Financial Engineering IEOR E4706 Leung
 Term Structure Models IEOR E4710 Leung
 Credit Risks & Deriatives IEOR E4731 He