Columbia University Graduate Engineering Distance Learning

Lecture Delivery Method

CVN delivers lectures from Columbia University via the Internet with streaming media or download options. Lectures are asynchronous, which means that they are recorded and generally posted to the Internet the same day the class meets. Students interact with professors and teaching assistants primarily by e-mail. Professors and their teaching assistants may also establish telephone "office hours" for consultation.

Homework and Exam Submission Method

Homework assignments are posted on the CVN Student Center, where students can retrieve them via the Internet. To submit finished homework, students generally upload their work to CVN using a customized coversheet. The homework will then be automatically posted to the CVN Student Center for viewing by both the instructor and the student. Students can review their submissions posted online, so proper transmission is self-confirming. Instructors return assignments and exams to students through the same method. In this way, students can view the instructor's handwritten comments and corrections.


Students choose a proctor, subject to CVN approval, to monitor their test-taking. The exam may be taken at one's workplace or other suitable venue. On the day of the exam, and at the time specified by the instructor, the student's proctor will be able to download and print out the exam to be administered. After the test period is over, the proctor uploads the finished exam to CVN for auto-posting to the CVN Student Center.

The Same Degree, the Same Diploma, the Same Transcripts

When you are a CVN student, you are a Columbia University student. Because you take the same classes as on-campus students, do the same homework, and take the same exams, your degree, transcripts, and diploma are the same.

No Need to Come to Campus

CVN students do not ever need to visit the Columbia campus, but they can if they wish. It is possible to sit in on a class, to meet your professor, and best of all, to walk with all other Columbia students on graduation day. In many ways, the CVN system offers the best of both worlds.

Program Costs

Many CVN students are company sponsored, and CVN accepts a variety of tuition vouchers. The tuition for one credit hour (or one "point") is $1710 and there is a CVN fee of $395 per course. The newly matriculating student also has a one-time charge of the transcript fee, which covers transcripts for the student's lifetime.

Typical tuition for a newly matriculating student registering for a three credit course would be $5130 + CVN fee $395 + transcript fee $105 (one-time) = $5630