The Online AI Executive Education certificate program is a brand new, top-tier non-credit program designed for technical professionals and business leaders looking to deepen their knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (AI), laying the foundation for innovation and advancement in their organizations.

A first-of-its-kind hybrid offering, the Online AI Executive Education certificate program allows learners to enroll in a bridge course and 6 core courses designed and delivered by world-renowned Columbia Engineering faculty and participate in an on-campus immersion at the conclusion of the program. Visit the info page to learn more: The Online Artificial Intelligence certificate.

Columbia Engineering Executive Education has partnered with 2U, Inc. to deliver this high-caliber program. Upon successful completion of the program, learners will receive a certificate from Columbia Engineering Executive Education.

Curriculum and Course Overview

This is a non-degree, non-credit-bearing program. It provides technical professionals and leaders with a deeper understanding of the mechanics of AI through a variety of online artificial intelligence courses and related subjects.

 The rigorous curriculum is composed of a self-paced bridge course, six core courses with live and asynchronous coursework, and an essential immersion experience on Columbia University’s Morningside campus in New York City.

 Program completion will include mastery of machine learning, neural networks, data security and privacy, computer vision, and natural language processing.

 Programs and tools that may be used throughout the program include:

  • Python
  • Codio
  • Google Colab
  • TensorFlow
  • Jupyter Notebooks

For questions about Columbia Engineering Executive Education and 2U, Inc. collaboration, contact:

Sean Wiggins, Executive Director of Columbia Video Network, Columbia Engineering, [email protected]