COMS E6118 Operating Systems, II

Course Description: Continuation of Operating Systems, I (COMS W4118), with emphasis on distributed operating systems. Topics include interfaces to network protocols, distributed run-time binding, advanced virtual memory issues, advanced means of interprocess communication, file system design, design for extensibility, security in a distributed environment. Investigation is deeper and more hands-on than in COMS W4118. Programming projects required.
Faculty/Manager: Jason Nieh/Amit Kaul
Contact Information: Please contact the course manager Amit Kaul at with any questions concerning this course.
Class Homepage:
Credits for Course:3
Viewing Schedule: 1 lecture per week
Prerequisites:Operating Systems, I (COMS W4118). Corequisites: Computer Networks (CSEE W4119)
Required Text(s):Operating Systems II Course Papers
Reference Text(s):Optional Linux Reference: Linux Kernel Development (3rd Edition), Robert Love, Addison-Wesley Professional, New York, NY, 2010 (available from and Columbia University Bookstore).

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