COMS W3101-3 Programming Languages: Perl

Course Description: Introduction to a programming language. Each section is devoted to a specific language. Intended only for those who are already fluent in at least one programming language. Sections may meet for one hour per week for the whole term, for three hours per week for the first third of the term, or for two hours per week for the first six weeks. May be repeated for credit if different languages are involved.

Tentative syllabus:
Introduction to Perl's evolution
- Interpreter
- Data Types and Operators
- Flow Control
- Subroutines
- Files
CPAN Modules
Regular Expressions
Database Programming
Object-Oriented Programming
CGI Programming
Web programming
Faculty/Manager: Malek Ben Salem
Contact Information: Malek Ben Salem
Credits for Course:1
Viewing Schedule: 1 lecture per week
Prerequisites:Fluency in at least one programming language.
Notes: This course will run from February 25th to April 8th. There will be no class on March 18th.

* The information contained in this syllabus is subject to change at any time.

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