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Full Semester: 09/08-12/14
Subterm A: 09/08-10/19
Subterm B: 10/26-12/14


Course Number Course Name First Last Semester

Course Directory

APMA E4001 Principles of Applied Mathematics Lu Zhang Full Semester

APMA E4200 Partial Differential Equations Qiang Du Full Semester  
APMA E4204 Functions of a Complex Variable Kui Ren Full Semester

APMA E4300 Computational Math: Introduction to Numberical Methods Marc Spiegelman Full Semester

APPH E4010 Introduction to Nuclear Science Stephen Ostrow Full Semester  
APPH E4100 Quantum Physics of Matter Latha Venkataraman Full Semester

APPH E4112 Laser Physics Nanfang Yu Full Semester  
APPH E6081 Solid State Physics I Aron Pinczuk Full Semester

BMEB W4020 Comp Neuro: Circuits in Brain Aurel A Lazar Full Semester

BMEN E4001 Quantitative Physiology, I: Cells and Molecules Lance Kam Full Semester

BMEN E4302 Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Soft Tissues Katherine Reuther Full Semester

CHAP E4120 Statistical Mechanics Ben O'Shaughnessy Full Semester  
CHEN E4010 Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering Robert G. Bozic Full Semester  
CHEN E4110 Transport Phenomena III Christopher Durning Full Semester

CHEN E4130 Advanced Chemical Thermodynamics Sanat Kumar Subterm B

CHEN E4231 Solar Fuels Daniel Esposito Full Semester

CHEN E4670 Chemical Engineering Data Analysis Kyle Bishop Full Semester

CIEN E4021 Elastic and Plastic Analysis of Structures Shiho Kawashima Full Semester

CIEN E4129 Managing Engineering and Construction Processes Ibrahim Odeh Full Semester

CIEN E4132 Prevention and Resolution of Construction Disputes Philip White Full Semester

CIEN E4142 Intl Construction Mgmt Ibrahim Odeh Full Semester

CIEN E4144 Real Estate Land Development Engineering George
Vitolano *
Full Semester  
COMS E6113 Advanced Database Systems Eugene Wu * ** Full Semester

COMS E6156 Topics in Software Engineering Donald F Ferguson Full Semester

COMS E6998 Foundations of Blockchains Timothy A Roughgarden Full Semester

COMS E6998 Formal Verification System SW Ronghui Gu Full Semester  
COMS E6998 Information Theory in CS Omri Weinstein ** Full Semester

COMS E6998 Computation and The Brain Christos H Papadimitriou * ¶ Full Semester

COMS E6998 Pract Deep Learning Sys Perf Parijat Dube ** Full Semester

COMS E6998 Fundamentals of Speech Recognition Homayoon Beigi ** Full Semester

COMS E6998 Analysis of Networks & Crowds Augustin Chaintreau  Full Semester

COMS W4111 Database Systems Alexandros Biliris Subterm B

COMS W4113 Fundamentals of Large Scale Dist Systems Roxana Geambasu Full Semester

COMS W4118 Operating Systems Jae Lee Full Semester

COMS W4156 Advanced Software Engineering Gail Kaiser Full Semester

COMS W4167 Computer Animation Changxi Zheng Full Semester  
COMS W4181 Security I Steven Bellovin Full Semester

COMS W4236 Intro to Computational Complexity Xi Chen Full Semester

COMS W4701 Artifical Intelligence Tony Dear Subterm A

COMS W4701 Artificial Intelligence Tony Dear Subterm B  
COMS W4705 Natural Language Processing Yassine Benajiba Subterm B  
COMS W4771 Machine Learning Nakul Verma  ※  Subterm A

COMS W4995 Parallel Functional Programming Stephen Edwards Full Semester

COMS W4995 Applied Deep Learning Joshua B Gordon Full Semester  
CSEE W4119 Computer Networks Ethan Katz-Bassett Full Semester  
CSEE W4824 Computer Architecture Simha Sethumadhavan Full Semester

CSOR W4231 Analysis of Algorithms, I Alexandr Andoni Subterm B

CSOR W4246 Algorithms for Data Science Eleni Drinea Subterm B

EAEE E4550 Catalysis for Emissions Control Robert Farrauto Full Semester

ECBM E4040 Neural Networks & Deep Learning Zoran Kostic ◊ Full Semester

EECS E4750 Heterogen Comp-Sig Processing Zoran Kostic Full Semester

EECS E6690 Topics: Stats Learning in Bio & Info Predrag Jelenkovic Full Semester

EECS E6720 Bayesian Mod Machine Learning John W Paisley Full Semester  
EECS E6893 Topics in Information Processing: Big Data Analytics Ching Yung Lin Subterm B


EEME E6601 Intro to Control Theory Richard W Longman Full Semester pre-taped  
ELEN E4312 Analog Electronic Circuits Shahriar Shahramian Full Semester

ELEN E4488 Optical Systems Christine P Hendon Full Semester

ELEN E6767 Internet Econ, Eng, & Society Debasis Mitra Full Semester

ELEN E6885 Topics in Signal Processing: Reinforcement Learning Chong
Full Semester

ENME E4215 Theory of Vibrations Raimondo Betti Full Semester

IEOR E4004 Optimization Models and Methods Mingliu Chen Subterm B

IEOR E4007 Optimization Models and Methods (FE) Jay Sethuraman Subterm B  
IEOR E4106 Stochastic Models Karl Sigman Full Semester


IEOR E4150 Intro-Probability & Statistics Antonius B Dieker Full Semester


IEOR E4404 Simulation Karl Sigman Full Semester pre-taped  
IEOR E4407 Game Theory Models of Operation Jay Sethuraman Full Semester  
IEOR E4501 Tools for Analytics Paul Bulkley-Logston Subterm A

IEOR E4735 Structured & Hybrid Products Alireza Javaheri Full Semester

IEOR E6613 Optimization I Vineet Goyal ** Full Semester

MECE E4602 Introduction to Robotics Matei T Ciocarlie Full Semester

MECE E4604 Product Design for Manufacturability Graham Walker Full Semester  
MSAE E4100 Crystallography Katayun Barmak Full Semester  
MSAE E4102 Synthesis & Processing of Materials James Im Full Semester

MSAE E4200 Theory Crystallin Mat: Photons Chris Marianetti Full Semester

MSAE E4206 Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Solids William Bailey Full Semester

STAT GR5701 Probability & Stat for Data SC Tat Sang Fung Subterm A  
STAT GR5702 Exploratory Data Analysis & Visualization Joyce Robbins Full Semester  


* Note: This is a synchronous course, online attendance is required during class time. (Discussion-based and seminar courses will require attendance on Zoom, at the days and times the course is scheduled to take place on campus.)

** Note: Require instructor permission. (Please reach out to the professor, mention that you are a CVN student, your background, the courses you've taken so far, and the reason you are interested in taking the course. Email instructor approval to

# Note: A requirement that students had taken OS I before.

◊ Note: For ECBM E4040, students must submit the following survey, in addition to needing instructor's permission:

¶ Note: For Christos H Papadimitriou's (Computation and The Brain) COMS E6998, students must submit the following survey, in addition to needing the instructor's permission:

Note: For Nakul Verma's COMS W4771 Students will be enrolled to a waitlist. Closer to the beginning of the semester, students will be notified to complete HW0 and then Professor Verma will enroll them based on your grade for that HW.

^ For non-degree students only.