Monday, July 26  

Registration opens and is available Monday - Friday, 9:30AM - 8:30PM EST  

Monday, September 6

Labor Day - University Holiday

Thursday, September 9

First day of classes

Thursday September 9 - Tuesday, September 21

Change of Program Period. 100% tuition and CVN fees (except transcript fee) refunded during this period.*** After this date, students must contact the CVN office to drop/withdraw.

Wednesday, October 20

October degrees conferred

Friday, October 22

Last day to withdraw and owe 50% tuition plus all non-refundable fees***

Monday, November 1

Academic Holiday - Administrative Offices Open; No classes held

Tuesday, November 2

Election Day -  University Holiday

Thursday, November 18

LAST DAY TO DROP/WITHDRAW and owe 100% tuition plus all non-refundable fees.*** 
Failing to attend or providing unofficial notification to the instructor do not constitute dropping a course. Students must contact the CVN office to drop/withdraw. Students who stop attending class without officially withdrawing or dropping must be assigned a grade by the instructor even if they have not completed any substantive work in the course.

Wednesday, November 24

Academic Holiday - Administrative Offices Open; No classes held

Thursday, November 25

Thanksgiving Day - University Holiday

Friday, November 26

Academic Holiday - Administrative Offices Closed; No classes held

Monday, December 13

Last day of classes

Tuesday, December 14 - Wednesday, December 15

Reading period

Thursday, Dec. 16 - Thursday, Dec. 23

Final exam period


***All students who withdraw will be charged a $75 withdrawal fee.

Drop vs. Withdrawal: Withdrawal is defined as the dropping of your entire program (all classes) in a given semester, as opposed to dropping a portion (individual classes) of your program. If you are registered for one course and you drop that one course, you will have withdrawn from the semester. If you are registered for two courses and drop one, you still maintain registration and it is just considered a drop, not a withdrawal.


  • $395 - CVN fee (per course)
  • $105- Transcript fee (one-time fee)

Please Note: CVN no longer offers courses for audit.