CVN Fall 2021 registration date and Fall 2021 Academic Calendar coming soon.

This schedule is not final and courses are still being added.

Course Code Course Name First Last Course Directory
APMA E4200 Partial Differential Equations Qiang Du
APMA E4204 Functions of a Complex Variable Kui Ren
APMA E4302 Methods in Computational Science Kyle Mandli
APPH E4010 Introduction to Nuclear Science Stephen Ostrow
APPH E4100 Quantum Physics of Matter Latha Venkataraman
APPH E4112 Laser Physics Nanfang Yu
APPH E4300 Applied Electrodynamics Alexander Gaeta
BMEB W4020 Comp Neuro: Circuits in Brain Aurel Lazar
CHEE E4252 Introduction to Surface and Colloid Chemistry Ponisseril Somasundaran
CHEN E4010 Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering Robert Bozic
CHEN E4110 Transport Phenomena III Christopher Durning
CHEN E4140 Engineering Separations Christopher Durning
CHEN E4231 Solar Fuels Daniel Esposito
CIEN E4129 Managing Engineering and Construction Processes Ibrahim Odeh
CIEN E4132 Prevention and Resolution of Construction Disputes Philip White
COMS E6156 Topics in Software Engineering: Cloud Computing Donald Ferguson
COMS E6998-009 Computation and The Brain Christos Papadimitriou
COMS E6998-011 Fundamentals of Speech Recognition Homayoon Beigi
COMS E6998-013 Cloud Computing and Big Data Sambit Sahu
COMS W4111-003 Introduction to Databases Alexandros Biliris
COMS W4115 Programming Languages and Translators Baishakhi Ray
COMS W4156 Advanced Software Engineering Gail Kaiser
COMS W4170 User Interface Design Brian Smith
COMS W4181 Security I Steven Bellovin
COMS W4252 Introduction to Computational Languages Rocco Servedio
COMS W4419 Technology, Economics & Policy Henning Schulzrinne
COMS W4701-002 Artifical Intelligence Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi
COMS W4705 Natural Language Processing Kathleen McKeown pre-taped
COMS W4733 Computational Aspects of Robotics Tony Dear
COMS W4771-001 Machine Learning Nakul Verma *
COMS W4995-002 Parallel Functional Programming Stephen Edwards
CSEE W4823 Advanced Logic Design Mingoo Seok
CSOR W4231 Analysis of Algorithms I Mihalis Yannakakis
EECS E6893 Information Processing: Big Data Analytics Ching-Yung Lin
ELEN E4901 Photovoltaic Systems Engineering and Sustainability Vasilis Fthenakis
ELEN E6767 Internet Economics, Engineering, & the Implications for Society Debasis Mitra
IEOR E4004-003 Optimization Models and Methods Shipra Agrawal
IEOR E4007-002 Optimization Models and Methods (FE) Garud Iyengar
IEOR E4106 Stochastic Models Karl Sigman pre-taped
IEOR E4150 Introduction to Probability & Statistics Ton Dieker pre-taped
IEOR E4404 Simulation Karl Sigman pre-taped
IEOR E4407 Game Theory Models of Operation Jay Sethuraman
IEOR E4520 Applied Systems Engineering Ebad Jahangir pre-taped
IEOR E4523-002 Data Analytics for OR Uday Menon
IEOR E4540 Data Mining Krzysztof Choromanski
IEOR E4709 Statistical Analysis and Time Series Agostino Capponi


* COMS W4771 - Waitlist only, students will have an option to be added to the waitlist on SSOL. There will be a calibration quiz and students will be cleared to enroll based on their performance. Professor Verma will include a detailed message on SSOL waitlist, so the students will know what to expect and how to enroll.