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Course Code Course Name First Last Course Directory
APMA E4200 Partial Differential Equations James M Scott
APMA E4204 Functions of a Complex Variables Kui Ren
APMA E4300 Computational Math: Introduction to Numerical Methods Kyle Mandli
APMA E4990 Numerical Algebra and Optimization Lu Zhang
*APMA E6100 Research Seminar Kui Ren
APPH E4100 Quantum Physics of Matter Latha Venkataraman
APPH E4112 Laser Physics Nanfang Yu
APPH E4300 Applied Electrodynamics Xiang Meng
BMEB W4020 Comp Neuro: Circuits in Brain Aurel A Lazar
BMEN E4001 Quantitative Physiology I Lance Kam
BMEN E4501 Tissue Engineering I: Biomaterials and Scaffold Design Helen Lu
BMEN E4750 Sound and Hearing Elizabeth Olson
CHEN E4010 Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering Robert Bozic pre-taped
CHEN E4020 Safeguarding Intellectual/Business Property Kenneth Spall
CHEN E4110 Mechanisms of Transport Christopher J Durning
CHEN E4130 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Sanat Kumar
CHEN E4140 Engineering Separations Kyle Bishop
CIEN E4129 Managing Engineering and Construction Processes Ibrahim Odeh
CIEN E4132 Prevention and Resolution of Construction Disputes Gregory
CIEN E4142 Intl Construction Management Ibrahim Odeh
CIEN E4144 Real Estate Land Development Engineering Christopher
CIEN E4233 Design of Large Scale Bridges Theodore Zoli
COMS E6156 Topics in Software Engineering: Cloud Computing Donald Ferguson
COMS E6998 002 Advanced Web Design Studio Lydia Chilton
COMS E6998 006 Advanced Spoken Language Processing Julia Hirschberg
COMS E6998 012 Pract Deep Learning Sys Perf Parijat Dube
COMS E6998 015 Cloud Computing & Big Data Sambit Sahu
COMS W4111 003 Introduction to Databases Donald Ferguson
COMS W4113 Fundamentals of Large Scale Dist Systems Roxana Geambasu
COMS W4115 Programming Languages and Translators Ronghui Gu
COMS W4118 Operating Systems I Jason Nieh
COMS W4152 Engineering Software-as-a-Service Junfeng Yang
COMS W4160 Computer Graphics Hadi Fadaifard
*COMS W4170 User Interface Design Brian A Smith
COMS W4236 Intro to Computational Complexity Xi Chen
COMS W4252 Introduction to Computational Learning Theory Rocco Servedio
COMS W4419 Internet Technology, Economics, and Policy Henning G Schulzrinne
COMS W4701 001 Artificial Intelligence Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi
COMS W4705 Natural Language Processing Daniel Bauer
COMS W4762 Machine Learning for Functional Genomics David A Knowles
*COMS W4771 Machine Learning Nakul Verma
COMS W4995 011 Applied Machine Learning Vijay Pappu
COMS W4995 002 Parallel Functional Programming Stephen A Edwards
COMS W4995 004 Neural Networks & Deep Learning Richard Zemel
COMS W4995 012 Elements for Data Science Bryan Gibson
COMS W4995 020 Mathematics of Machine Learning and Signal Recognition Homayoon S Beigi
CSEE W4119 001 Computer Networks Ethan Katz-Bassett
CSOR W4231 001 Analysis of Algorithms I Mihalis Yannakakis
EAEE E4000  Machine Learning For Environmental Engineering Gentine Pierre
EAEE E4262 Space Exploration and Mining Ponisseril Somasundaran
EAEE E4550 Catalysis for Emissions Control Robert Farrauto
ECIAW4100 Management and Development of Water Systems Upmanu Lall
EECS E6690 Topics: Stats Learning in Bio & Inf Predrag R Jelenkovic
EECS E6893 Topics in Information Processing: Big Data Analytics Ching-Yung Lin
EEEL E4220 Energy System Economics and Optimization Bolun Xu
EEME E6601 Intro to Control Theory Richard W Longman pre-taped
ELEN E4312 Analog Electronic Circuits Peter Kinget
ELEN E4488 Optical Systems Christine P Hendon
*ELEN E4901 Topics In EE & CE: Photovoltaic Systems Engineering and Sustainability Vasilis Fthenakis
ELEN E6302 MOS Transistors Yannis P Tsividis
ELEN E6333 Semiconductor Device Physics Xiang Meng
ELEN E6713 Topics in Communication Jacob Sharony
ELEN E6761 Computer Communications Networks Javad Ghaderi
ELEN E6767 Internet Econ, Eng, & Society Debasis Mitra
ELEN E6885 Topics in Signal Processing: Reinforcement Learning Chong Li
IEOR E4004 Optimization Models and Methods Donald Goldfarb
IEOR E4106 Stochastic Models Karl  Sigman pre-taped
IEOR E4150 Intro-Probability & Statistics Antonius B Dieker pre-taped
IEOR E4403 Quantitative Corporate Finance David Derosa
IEOR E4407 Game Theory Models of Operation Jay Sethuraman
IEOR E4520 Applied Systems Engineering Ebad Jahangir
IEOR E4526 Analytics on the Cloud Hardeep Johar
IEOR E4530 Topics in Operations Research Christopher J Dolan
IEOR E4540 Data Mining Krzysztof M Choromanski
IEOR E4700 Intro to Financial Engineering Emanuel Derman
IEOR E4706 Foundations of Financial Engineering Wenpin Tang
IEOR E4724 Topics in Quantitative Finance: Term Structures & Credit Models Luca Capriotti
IEOR E4745 Applied Financial Risk Management Allan M Malz
IEOR E6617 Machine Learning and High-Dimensional Da Krzysztof M Choromanski
MECE E4302 Advanced Thermodynamics Sinisa Vukelic pre-taped
MECE E4330 Thermofulid Systems Design Sinisa Vukelic pre-taped
MECE E4520 Data Science for Mechanical Systems Changyao Chen
MECE E4602 Introduction to Robotics Sunil Agrawal
MECE E4610 Advanced Manufacturing Processes Y. Lawrence Yao
MSAE E4090 Nanotechnology Yuan Yang
MSAE E4100 Crystallography Katayun Barmak
MSAE E4200 Theory Crystallin Mat: Photons Chris A Marianetti
MSAE E4206 Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Solids William Bailey
STAT GR5702 Exploratory Data Analysis & Visualization Joyce T Robbins


*APAM E6100  This is a required seminar for all MS APAM students, it will be offered in the Fall 2022 semester, not the Spring 2023 semester. All MS APAM students who plan to graduate in Fall 2022, Spring 2023, Summer 2023, or Fall 2023 must take this seminar in the fall semester. 

*COMS W4170 - Waitlist only, interested students fill out this form:

*COMS W4771 - Waitlist only, students will have an option to be added to the waitlist on SSOL. There will be a calibration quiz and students will be cleared to enroll based on their performance. Professor Verma will include a detailed message on SSOL waitlist, so the students will know what to expect and how to enroll.

*ELEN E4901 Note for EAEE students: please reach out to your advisor as this course could also apply to the EAEE MS program since the course is equivalent to EAEE E4190.