Columbia Video Network and New York City Transit have launched a cooperation to provide education in Construction Management and Engineering. This cooperation, called "CCM 4.0", marks a new step in our shared commitment to excellence in the region, going back to the establishment of Civil Engineering education at Columbia University in 1868, and the history of world-class transit in New York, which goes back over a century.

Upon completion of the program, NYCT employees and their immediate family members in Certificate programs will earn a Certificate of Professional Achievement from Columbia University in Construction Management.  For general information on this Certificate, see the program page here.

Upon completion of the Master's program, NYCT employees and their immediate family members will earn a Master of Science in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Construction Engineering and Management. For general information on this Degree, see the program page here.

As part of the CCM 4.0 program, NYCT colleagues will be able to take courses in pursuit of their Certificate or Master of Science degree, including:

  • CIEN E4133: Capital Facility Planning & Financing
  • CIEN E4132: Prevention and Resolution of Construction Disputes
  • CIEN E4129: Managing Engineering and Construction Processes
  • CIEN E4134: Construction Industry Law
  • CIEN E4135: Strategic Management in Design and Construction   
  • CIEN E4111: Uncertainty and Risk in Infrastructure Systems
  • CIEN E4131: Principles of Construction Techniques
  • CIEN E4130: Design of Construction Systems
  • CIEN E4243: Foundation Engineering

Other courses within the Civil Engineering department may also be substituted. All course enrollments are subject to the approval of your advisor.

For more information on the CCM 4.0 program, please contact:  [email protected]

Download CCM 4.0 Certificate in Construction Management postcard: Certificate in Construction Management Card.pdf

Download Construction Engineering and Management Master of Science program booklet: Columbia Engineering Construction Engineering and Management MS.pdf

Required to apply:

  • An undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering or related field from an accredited academic institution (Minimum GPA: 3.0)
  • Official transcripts from all previous undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) coursework
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Personal-professional statement
  • Resume
  • GRE (Master's degree applicants only) -- the GRE is not required for Columbia certificate programs.

When you are ready to apply, begin your application by clicking here.