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Course Number          Course Name First Last Links
APMA E4300  Computational Math: Introduction to Numerical Methods Marc Spiegelman
APMA E4301 Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations Kyle Mandli
APMA E6100 Research Seminar Qiang Du
APMA E6301 Analytical Methods for PDE's Michael Weinstein
APPH E4110 Modern Optics Nanfang Yu
BMEN E4002 Quantitative Physiology, II: Organ Systems Barclay Morrison
BMEN E4310 Solid Biomechanics X. Edward Guo
BMEN E4750 Sound and Hearing Elizabeth Olson
BMEN E6003 Computational Modeling of Physiological Systems Katherine Reuther
CBMF W4761 Computational Genomics Itshack Pe'er
CHEN E4010 Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering Michael Hill pre-taped
CHEN E4150 Computational Fluid Dynamics I Christopher Boyce
CHEN E4330 Advanced Chemical Kinetics Daniel Esposito
CHEN E4600 Atmospheric Aerosols Vivian McNeill
CHEN E4620 Intro to Polymers and Soft Materials Christopher Durning
CIEN E4131 Principles of Construction Techniques Ibrahim Odeh
CIEN E4138 Real Estate Finance/Const Manag Kevin J Riordan
COMS E6111 Advanced Database Systems Luis Gravano
COMS E6998 Fundamentals of Speech Recognition Homayoon Beigi
COMS E6998 Advanced Spoken Language Processing Julia Hirschberg
COMS W4111 Database Systems Donald Ferguson
COMS W4115 Programming Languages and Translators Ronghui Gu
COMS W4121 Computer Systems for Data Science*** Asaf Cidon
COMS W4160 Computer Graphics Changxi Zheng
COMS W4170 User Interface Design Lydia Chilton
COMS W4182 Security II Steven Bellovin
COMS W4701 Artifical Intelligence Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi
COMS W4705 Natural Language Processing Michael Collins
COMS W4721 Machine Learning for Data Science*** TBA TBA
COMS W4735 Visual Interfaces to Computers John Kender
COMS W4771 Machine Learning Nakul Verma
COMS W4995 Deep Learning Iddo Drori
COMS W4995 Applied Deep Learning*** Joshua Gordon
CSOR W4231 Analysis of Algorithms, I Eleni Drinea
EAEE E4002 Alternative Energy Resources Dan Steingart
EAEE E4150 Air Pollution Prevention and Control Vasilis Fthenakis
EAEE E4160 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Athanasios Bourtsalas
EAEE E4257 Environmental Data Analysis & Modeling Upmanu Lall
EAEE E6150 Industrial Catalysis Robert Farrauto pre-taped
EECS E6895 Advanced Big Data Analytics. Ching-Yung Lin
EEME E4601 Digital Control Systems Richard Longman pre-taped
ELEN E4511 Power Systems Analysis Damian Sciano
ELEN E4720 SHORT & LONG: ML FOR SIG, John Paisley
ELEN E4815 Random Signals and Noise Irving Kalet
ELEN E4830 Digital Image Processing Christine Hendon
ELEN E6318 Microwave Circuit Design Yves Baeyens pre-taped
ELEN E6413 Lightwave Systems Xiang Meng
ELEN E6717 Information Theory Xiaodong Wang
ELEN E6767 Internet Econ, Eng, & Society Debasis Mitra
ELEN E6889 Large Data Stream Pro Deepak S Turaga pre-taped
IEOR E4106 Stochastic Models David Yao
IEOR E4150 INTRO-PROBABILITY & STATISTICS Antonius Dieker pre-taped
IEOR E4404 Simulation Karl Sigman pre-taped
IEOR E4510 Project Management Moshe Rosenwein
IEOR E4521 System Engi Tools/Methods Ebad Jahangir
IEOR E4526 Analytics on the Cloud Hardeep Johar
IEOR E4540 Data Mining Krzysztof Choromanski
IEOR E4601 Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management Vineet Goyal
IEOR E4602 Quantitative Risk Management Agostino Capponi
IEOR E4703 Monte Carlo Simulation Ali Hirsa
IEOR E4709 Statistical Analysis and Time Series Agostino Capponi
IEOR E4742 Deep Learning for OR and FE Ali Hirsa
MECE E4100 Mechanics of Fluids Vijay Vedula
MECE E4330 Thermofulid Systems Design Sinisa Vukelic pre-taped
MECE E4609 Computer Aided Manufacturing Graham Walker
MECS E6616 Robot Learning Matei T Ciocarlie
MSAE E4090 Nanotechnology Shalom Wind
MSAE E4201 Materials Thermodynamics and Phase Diagrams Katayun Barmak
MSAE E4202 Kinetics of transformations in Materials James Im
MSAE E4215 Mechanical Behavior of Structural Materials William Bailey
MSAE E4250 Ceramics and Composites Siu-Wai Chan

Courses taken for Pass/Fail may not be counted towards a degree program.

* COMS E6998 Practical Privacy Technologies course requirement: students must participate in the course on Fridays, 2:10 - 4:00 PM EST via web conferencing.

***Advisor's permission is required.