CVN students can register through SSOL starting March 22nd. See our How To Register guide before registering for courses.

Note: Courses will run on 3 different schedules this Summer 2021, please see the notes next to each course listing
and please review the Summer 2021 Academic Calendar.

Full Semester: 05/03-08/16
Subterm A: 05/03-06/18

Subterm B: 06/28-08/16

Course Code Course Name First Last Semester Course Directory
APMA E4990 Intro to Math of Data Science Yuan He Subterm A
CHEN E4620 Intro to Polymers and Soft Materials Christopher Durning Subterm A

CHEN E4670 Chemical Engineering Data Analysis Kyle Bishop Subterm A

CHEN E4800 Protein Engineering Scott Banta Subterm A
CHEN E4910 Solid State Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Aaron Moment Subterm A

COMS W4261 Introduction to Cryptography Periklis A. Papakonstantinou Subterm A

COMS W4701 Artificial Intelligence Tony Dear Subterm A

COMS W4705 Natural Language Processing Daniel Bauer Subterm A
COMS W4771 Machine Learning Nakul Verma * Subterm A

COMS W4995-001 C++ for C Programmers Jae Lee Subterm A

COMS W4995-002 Deep Learning Iddo Drori Subterm B

CSEE W4119 Computer Networks Gil Zussman Subterm A

CSOR W4231 Analysis of Algorithms, I Xi Chen Subterm A

EAEE E6150 Industrial Catalysis Robert Farrauto Subterm A

EECS E6892 Reinforcement Learning Javad Ghaderi Dehkordi Subterm A
ELEN E6320 Millimeter Wave IC Design Harish Krishnaswamy Subterm A
ELEN E6717 Information Theory Xiaodong Wang Subterm A
ELEN E6889 Large Data Stream Pro Deepak S. Turaga ** Subterm A
IEOR E4106 Stochastic Models Karl Sigman Full Semester pre-taped
IEOR E4404 Simulation Karl Sigman Full Semester pre-taped
IEOR E4523 Data Analytics for OR Uday Menon *** Subterm A
IEOR E4526 Analytics on the Cloud Hardeep Johar Subterm A
IEOR E4650 Business Analytics For OR Rec Charles Guetta Subterm A
IEOR E4721 Topics in Quant Finance: AI Applications in Finance Ali Hirsa Subterm A
MSAE E4202 Kinetics of Transformations James Im Full Semester Pre-taped
MSAE E6251 Thin Films and Layers Siu-Wai Chan Subterm A


* COMS W4771 - Waitlist only, students will have an option to be added to the waitlist on SSOL. There will be a calibration quiz and students will be cleared to enroll based on their performance. Professor Verma will include a detailed message on SSOL waitlist, so the students will know what to expect and how to enroll.

** ELEN E6889 - This is a synchronous course, online attendance is required during class time. (Discussion-based and seminar courses will require attendance on Zoom, at the days and times the course is scheduled to take place on Zoom.)

*** IEOR E4523 - Students must have completed IEOR E4501 before taking this course.