Columbia Engineering Executive Education

Custom Programs Targeted to Your Company's Needs and Goals

Columbia Engineering Executive Education offers customized courses taught by Columbia faculty and industry experts that address your company's specific needs and strategic goals.  We can tailor the curriculum from our existing courses and programs, or collaborate with your company to design a new program.  

Our custom programs offer many benefits:

  • Flexible Scheduling

Courses may be offered for a single week or several weekends over a few months and may be delivered at Columbia, the company site, online, or a combination of these options.

  • Variety of Learning Approaches

Course content is presented in a variety of formats (e.g. lectures, case studies, on-site visits, teamwork activities) that address different learning styles within your organization.

  • Immediate Applications for Learning

Your employees can apply course knowledge directly to any projects on which they are working.

  • Organizational Community

The customized learning environment encourages open communication and teamwork as employees work and learn together and strengthens community across your company.

If you have been thinking about a customized course for your employees, please contact us for more information.

Selected Custom-Built Courses Offered


Breaches can cost billions. Learn the latest security techniques from the ones who wrote the book (or at least the code).

Artificial Intelligence

Learn how to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to solving critical business problems. 

Big Data Management and Security

Set up, manage, visualize, and secure your ever-increasing datastore.

Construction Management

Engineering at the frontlines of the world’s greatest cities.

Engineering Leadership

More and more companies today are led by inventor-CEOs. Unlock the behaviors and skills to lead people in today’s tech world.


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