Dear Students,

Welcome to Columbia Video Network! 

Please note that course registration typically begins about five weeks before the term. You will receive an email when course registration opens. 

Complete the steps outlined below to get started:

Step 1: Submit your official transcripts:

Step 2: Know your advisor (Degree students only). Be sure to reach out to your advisor before you get started with questions regarding course selection. Check in with your advisor regularly on your coursework progress:

Step 3: Course selection. Take a look at the course list and electives list for your degree or certification program, located under the “Fields of Study” on our website. Check the upcoming semester course listing by selecting the “Current Students” menu on our website, then select "[Desired Term] Course List". To make changes to your course selection, email [email protected].

Step 4: Activate UNI. It will take one week for your UNI to be generated in our system, be sure to activate your UNI as soon as possible after it is generated. You will not have access to your email or online courses until the UNI is activated. Look up and activate your University ID (UNI): If you have any questions about your UNI activation, email [email protected].

Step 5: Access email. Log in to your Columbia University email, using your UNI: Select “Email” tab at the top right menu. Choose “Lionmail” to log into your email.
It is important that you check your Columbia email on a regular basis for updates from your instructor, TA and from the CVN team. Please use your Columbia email for all University-related communications. Do not use your personal email address.

Step 6: Register for courses. We will send admitted students an email when registration officially opens, usually a month prior to the start of the term. Register for courses on SSOL by following these directions.  

Step 7: Accessing online courses. Log in to our Learning Management System (Canvas), using your UNI, to get access to your registered courses:

Step 8: Canvas Tutorial. Review the Student Guide to Canvas:

Step 9: Exam Proctoring. Review the Exam Proctoring Guide:

Step 10: Request an ID card. If you would like a Student ID mailed to you AND you are registered for the CURRENT semester, please upload your photo and ID release to the ID Center through the following link: Email the ID Office [email protected] to let them know you give CVN permission to pick up your ID on your behalf. Finally, complete this form so that we have your shipping address. Even if you have already emailed CVN, you still must complete this form. Our staff will pick up your ID and will mail it to you.

For students enrolled in Summer A or Full Term, mailing requests for IDs must be submitted no later than 4 PM ET on Friday, May 28, 2021.  IDs will be mailed by June 30, 2021.  Otherwise, you must wait until the following semester. 

Step 11: Important Dates and Deadlines. Become familiar with semester dates and deadlines by visiting the Academic Calendar, located under the “Resources” menu on our website:



(212) 854-6447, option 2  [email protected] - Logistics and technical questions regarding your online courses, questions about video lectures and proctoring

(212) 854-6447, option 4  [email protected] - Registration, billing, and vouchers

(212) 854-6447, option 5 [email protected] - Records and transcripts