Faculty support  [email protected]
(faculty members requiring technical assistance)
212-854-6447 option 1
Student support

[email protected] (current students requiring technical assistance)

212-854-6447 option 2
Prospective applicants [email protected]
212-854-6447 option 3
Application status/admitted students/new student help [email protected] 212-854-6447 option 5
Executive Education:
AI certificate, Boot Camps, Exec Ed Online Short Courses
[email protected] (Emeritus programs and Coding, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Digital  Marketing, UX/UI, and Tech Project Management Boot Camps)  212-854-6447 option 6
Registration [email protected]
(for incoming/current students requiring assistance with registration, payments, and vouchers)
212-854-6447 option 4
Records [email protected] (records and transcripts) 212-854-6447 option 5


Department Directory    

Executive Director of Online Learning

Marina Zamalin 212-854-5160
Associate Director of Online Learning Shu-Yi Hsu 212-854-2315
Recruiting and Marketing Manager Raaya Lewis 212-854-6447 option 3
Assistant Director Sofia Yagaeva 212-854-6447 option 4
Coordinator Michelle Stevenson 212-854-6447 option 5
Course Designer Kimberly Cionca 212-854-6447 option 2
Systems Administrator Mark Beer 212-854-6447
Assistant Director of Production Liam Maserjian 212-854-6447 option 1
Assistant Production Manager Alexander Browne 212-854-6447
Video Producer Abby Lee 212-854-6447
Operations Manager Justin Saunders 212-854-6447 
Instructional Media Specialist Nolan Harpp 212-854-2315 option 2
Executive Education Admissions Officer Jade Quintero 212-854-6447 option 6